Learn About Etched and Carved Glass

We etch glass using a sandblast process with the capability to produce several variations of etched and carved glass

Single/Multi Stage Etched Glass

Single stage is the most common and least expensive method of etching glass.  The design, background or both are sandblasted evenly in stages.  This process can be performed onsite on tempered glass.  This process can achieve both beauty and privacy depending on the method used.

Shaded Etched Glass

The design is shaded by using the sandblast equipment like an airbrush.  This process can be performed onsite on tempered glass.  The shaded etching results in a dimensional appearance, but if you touch the glass it is still flat (not carved into the glass).  This process is great for beauty but does not result in much privacy.

Carved Glass

Carving is the most expensive process but also gives the most flexibility.  Carving results in a truly dimensional result in which some of the glass is removed and the surface is no longer smooth but is formed into the shape of the design.  This process is typically done using thicker glass.  This process is very flexible in that we can provide beauty, privacy, strength, edge lighting and even color.

Carved and Painted Glass

Painting can be added to carved glass.  This is done using special paints which are airbrushed by hand.  The results are truly stunning.