Learn About The TWO Types Of Leaded Glass

Stained Glass Overlay

A patented process which provides the look of leaded, beveled, textured and stained glass. The process involves the bonding of bevels, textured and /or colored polyester films and lead to a clear substrate, typically tempered or high-impact glass. The end result is very strong, provides unlimited design freedom, and is cost effective. Installation is typically performed by mounting the overlay panel inside the existing window or door or in some situations the process can be fabricated onsite using the existing glass.

Traditional Stained Glass

We employ the lead came process in our traditional cut glass. In this process colored, textured and/or beveled glass is cut to a pattern and solderedĀ using lead, zinc or brass strips called came. After assembly is complete, the panel is waterproofed, cleaned and polished. The finished panel is often installed inside the existing window or door.